PestSafe mouse proofing expertise impresses restaurant chain

Mouse Proofing · 26th June 2018

A national restaurant chain has commissioned PestSafe to introduce mouse proofing measures in one of its outlets – and has been impressed with its comprehensive approach to mice control.

The restaurant chain called in PestSafe after raising concerns that its incumbent pest control company was not delivering an effective enough service to protect the premises against mice problems.

PestSafe called in its sister company, SUPERPROOF, the UK’s leading mouse proofing specialist, to carry out a full review of mouse control measures taken at the premises.

This led to a detailed report identifying where further action can be taken to improve protection against mice, and reduce the risk of there being further mouse control problems.

Habitat exclusion is the only mouse control method that works
PestSafe Director Gulliver Hill said: “Most pest control companies attempt to use a combination of conventional mouse baiting and trapping, and limited mouse proofing to control mice in food outlets.

“Unfortunately, these methodologies are woefully inadequate, as they underestimate the scale of the problem at the time they are instigated, and the ability of mice to carry on thriving once they are in place.

“SUPERPROOF services are, instead, based on the principles of habitat exclusion. Mice need to be stopped from getting into the human spaces in restaurants so they cannot forage for food, and the building becomes an unviable place for them to live.”

Don’t underestimate the numbers of mice likely to be present
Restaurant owners very often greatly underestimate the scale of mouse problems when they first find mice. If they find one mouse, they assume there may be a family of five or so more, says Hill.

He added: “In fact, there will probably be at least 100 mice by then in the premises. Mice overcome human attempts to control them by being hugely effective breeders, expanding populations faster than conventional pest control measures can control them.

Common mistakes restaurants make
“Also, restaurants have huge stocks of high calorie food, making them perfect breeding grounds. Putting down small amounts of much less desirable bait is not going to work.

“Another big mistake restaurants make with mouse control is thinking they just have to stop mice from getting in. In fact, mice will already be inside the building, because they live in cavities in walls, ceilings, and floors.

“Also, they believe that they just need to keep food off the floor to stop mice reaching it. In fact, mice spend most of their time away from floors. They are excellent climbers and can jump nearly a metre from a standing start. They have evolved to exploit human ignorance.”

A comprehensive programme of mouse proofing
SUPERPROOF’s mouse proofing technicians identified dozens of points in the fabric of the restaurant structure where mice could move into and out of human space – making it easy for them to colonise the building.

A comprehensive programme of mouse proofing – using specialist materials and techniques developed by SUPERPROOF – was put in place. The measures are designed to fully-protect the restaurant against mouse activity.

Hill said: “We will be monitoring progress over the coming weeks. If further mouse proofing measures are needed in the restaurant we will carry them out. However, we are pretty confident the restaurant owners’ confidence in our strategy is well placed.”