Bird Control

Birds present a nuisance to businesses and homeowners alike, with pigeons and seagulls in particular causing disruption, noise and damage. Urban areas attract birds, as they feed on the scraps that people leave behind, but you can prevent them from roosting on or around your premises.

Birds often carry mites, fleas and other biting insects, posing a potential health risk. Their droppings are unsightly and may carry parasites, as well as presenting a slipping hazard in areas of high footfall. The presence and activities of birds can cause damage to the fabric of your building, such as gutters blocked by feathers and nesting debris, or corrosion of surfaces by a build-up of acidic bird droppings.

Bird Proofing and Prevention

Bird proofing aims to discourage birds from settling on and around your premises through a combination of deterrents and obstructions. We offer a wide range of bird prevention options, including bird netting and bird spikes, to ensure that your property is kept free of birds. It is often the case that more than one prevention method is required for the most effective solution.

Our qualified technicians work 24/7 to provide bird control solutions, and we can even advise you on how to prevent bird issues in future. Not all cases are the same, so we will assess your premises and come up with an effective strategy that meets your bird proofing requirements.

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