Flying Insects

Flying insects pose a great danger to your household or business because of their ability to create an infestation quickly in numbers. Many of these insects carry diseases, have the potential to sting and can spawn quickly once an infestation takes hold.

With professional pest control services from PestSafe you can rest easy. We employ a variety of solutions – including insecticides – to tackle flying insects.

Operating throughout London, we provide 24/7 services for residential and commercial premises.

Get in touch today to discuss your individual infestation issue and we’ll arrange an appointment with one of our qualified technicians.


When you have a moth infestation in your home you can rely on Pest Safe to deliver professional pest control services

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Mosquitoes can be a real pain for families and pets. Pest Safe we can attend with professional pest control services to help rid you of mosquitos

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We will inspect your property - whether residential or commercial - and implement the most appropriate course of action

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At Pest Safe we can identify signs of infestation and take steps to remove this threat from your home or business

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Remove wasp infestations inside or outside of your building, with professional pest control services from Pest Safe

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