Bars, Pubs & Restaurants

If you run a bar, pub or restaurant establishment you will know how important health and safety is. At PestSafe we assist you in protecting your customers by providing effective pest control services, eliminating any risk to your building as well as food and drink products.

Hygiene is one of the highest priorities for any bar, pub or restaurant, which is why provide the latest innovations in pest control through our research and development facilities. Any food preparation or storage areas will attract insects as well as rodents, while nuisance birds such as pigeons can be off-putting for customers.

An infestation or hygiene complaint can be devastating for businesses, especially in the modern age of online reviewing and social sharing. That’s why we’ll also carry out routine inspections should you prefer to be proactive in preventing contamination of food and drink on your premises.

Our qualified technicians can attend if you have an insect infestation or rodent activity, employing the most appropriate course of action for the following pests:

We operate throughout London 24/7 to deliver pest control for those businesses who pride themselves on maintaining the highest standard of hygiene.

Get in touch with our professional team today to book an inspection appointment or to discuss the needs of your business.