Birds present a nuisance to businesses and homeowners alike, with seagulls and pigeons bringing the most disruption through noise and droppings.

Any type of bird dropping can be dangerous, namely because they cause a slipping hazard which can end in serious injury – especially around emergency exits or areas with high foot traffic. Aside from this, bird droppings are also acidic, causing damage to surfaces and materials of all kind.

Even the smell of droppings can be offensive, with nesting debris leaving the potential for blocked drainage and guttering systems if left unchecked. Bird mites and other biting insects are another concern associated with birds and nesting areas, risking the health of anyone in the area.

Through bird control techniques and innovations, we help both commercial and domestic clients. Whatever reason a bird infestation is causing you headaches, you can rely on PestSafe to help tackle the issue. Our qualified technicians work 24/7 to provide pest control where birds are concerned, and we can even advise you on how to prevent bird issues in future.

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